Hello world, yeah that’s where I would like to start again. Those who already know the name “SachinKRaj” before would must know that I had been into the tech blogging since year 2007 but for some reasons, I had to stop blogging. This is my second inings and I would like to continue sharing my knowledge with the world. I hope this journey does not stop like the previous one. Like our well wishers says, there is always a “second chance” and “it does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop”. So here I am back into the blogging. I will try to write helpful articles, useful information, tutorials and lots of other stuff. Readers feedback is always welcome.

PS: The topics I am covering would be Web Development, Web Design, User Experience, Databases, LAMP (PHP, MySQL, Linux), Blogging, Open Source Development and mnay more.

Sachin Kumar Rajput (SachinKRaj)